That's a wrap...

posted 16 Mar 2019, 09:07 by SB Cake Off Competition

We made over £500 for our brilliant charity Vets in the Community! 

If you're still feeling generous check out the just giving page and consider leaving a donation - 

Thank you so much to everyone involved and see you next year :) 

The inaugural SB "Rat" Race!

posted 26 Feb 2019, 02:42 by SB Cake Off Competition

Keep an eye on our social media to find out more....

SB Cake Off is back for 2019!

posted 11 Feb 2019, 07:47 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 11 Feb 2019, 07:47 ]

It's time to start planning your weird & wonderful cake creations for the 7th annual SB Cake Off, in aid of Vets in the Community!

We can't wait to see you all on the 14th of March!

This year's categories are:
- Dynasties Desserts: David Attenborough category
- From Farm to Fork: back British farming
- Scrumptious Science: embracing the nerdy scientist
- Baking Bad News: the current affairs category

Rolling pins will be awarded for:
- Overall Winner
- Public Vote Winner
- Best Free-From Cake

Certificates will be awarded for:
- 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize in each category (and rosettes)
- Grossest Cake
- Best Cake Title
- Best Tasting Cake
- Best Seller

Have a look at some previous entries on our Previous Entries page!

SB Cake Off is Back

posted 8 Mar 2018, 10:42 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 8 Mar 2018, 10:46 ]

This year our categories are.....

All things illustrating life under water, in honour of the recent initiative by the United Nations to achieve responsible use of marine resources by 2030.
Any form of transport you could use to get to SB - the more creative the better! Sure to show some of the best designed cakes.
Embracing the nerdy baker and therefore is perfect for this campus. From PCRs to gruesome surgeries - anything science related goes!
Anything goes! The category for the inexperienced baker wanting to raise money for charity or bake cakes for Vets in the Community and Terrence Higgins Trust.
There is also an opportunity to win Crisis tickets if you make a crisis-themed cake - open to interpretation!

Lets see what surprises this year will bring!

Our birthday mural!

posted 13 Mar 2017, 14:14 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 14:14 ]

No money and on a diet?

As it is our 5th SB Cake Off anniversary, we are celebrating by designing a memorable hand print mural on the day and we need your help! 

Everyone can contribute, you don’t need baking skills or money, you only require (at least) one hand and 5 minutes between 9:30am and 4.30pm on Thursday. We will provide you with paint and ask you to make your mark on a large ‘SB Cake Off’ mural in the Barn.
Sounds interesting? Come and have a go!

Cupcake Masterclass

posted 13 Mar 2017, 14:07 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 14:19 ]

Are you and your friends/colleagues keen to learn something new during an early lunch-break this Thursday? Sign-up for a ‘Cupcake Icing Masterclass’ by emailing us on !

The sessions take place in the Barn between 12-1pm. You can bring your own cake (bought, homemade, anything works!) and decorate it during the session, or you can decorate a cupcake provided for this session.

Rebecca Sumner, last year’s winner with the amazing ‘I Do Believe in Unicorns’ cake and a pre-PhD cupcake professional, is offering 3 sessions of 20 minutes to help you develop your cupcake icing and decorating skills. A suggested donation of £5 will go towards our charity ‘Vets in the Community’.

After you’ve created something beautiful, you can donate it to our cake sale, or keep the cupcake yourselves and show off to your friends your newly acquired skills! The official competition entries close at 9am, therefore you won't be able to enter your ‘newly acquired skills cake’ into our competition anymore, but it will surely give you a good chance to raise money for our charity by donating your cake to the cake sale starting at 1:15pm!

Sign up by emailing to secure your place, or turn up on the day. We’re hoping to train as many of you up for a winning entry for 2018!

Meet our 2017 judges!

posted 13 Mar 2017, 13:10 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 14:26 ]

  1. Rebecca Sumner: Overall winner in 2016 with ‘I do believe in unicorns’, Rebecca is also contributing to this event by giving a ‘Cupcake Icing Master Class’ between 12-1pm
  2. Michelle Dickson: cake goddess and vet school's ex Placements Manager looking for any excuse to return to SB
  3. Una Lilley: UoN SU support to the SB Guild, whose culinary standards are higher than ever for this year!
  4. Julian Wiseman: Professor of Animal Production in Biosciences and Honorary Treasurer OKA (one of our great sponsors!)
  5. Holly O’Connor: East Midlands Regional Manager at The Big Issue. Vets in the Community are holding their bi-monthly clinics in their office in Nottingham. The Big Issue is a magazine sold by homeless and long-term unemployed people. Vendors buy copies for £1.25 and sell for £2.50. They are working, not begging.
  6. Team Odyssey: following our previous SB Cake Off competitions Charles Sturt University, in Wagga Wagga, Australia, has started their own event supporting student wellness as Team Odyssey (involved are Lynne Hayes, Fauve Buckley, Ellen James). They will contribute to our Cake off best judging the cake with the best title online.
  7. JORDAN COX: GBBO series 5 contestant, who has keen connection to the pets of Nottingham, his partner running (helping stray cats around Nottingham City Centre!)

Focus on ... Special Dietary Cakes!

posted 11 Mar 2017, 06:03 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 11 Mar 2017, 06:03 ]

This year there is your chance to show off your baking skills for some of us who have dietary restrictions. Regardless of the category, you can compete for the 'Best Free-From Cake' !

We often get some amazing contributions, so if you have a friend who struggles to find good cakes for their diet, perhaps this is the day for you to buy a great cake for them in the Silent Auction from 9.00am-12:45pm!

Key ingredients will be displayed with each cake, so you can look out for your special one.

And this year we again extend our cake recipients beyond the human species, so cakes for anyone else (cows, dogs, guinea pigs or budgies) are very welcome too. They will be judged in the ‘Vets in the Community’ category and will also be included in all the other special category prizes. 

If you’re baking for animals, the cakes may be sold in the Silent Auction. If they are no bud for, don’t worry; they will find their way to the animals who will be visiting the next ‘Vets in the Community’ clinic in Nottingham. I am sure they’ll appreciate some comforting cake when taking care of by our aspiring vets!

Silent Auction - how does it work?

posted 11 Mar 2017, 05:39 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 14:38 ]

Take part in the silent auction of ‘whole’ cakes in the morning and/or buy some ‘slices’ in the afternoon!

If you are keen to take a whole cake home, to a dinner party or just as a gift to someone special, make sure to mark your calendar to come and have a look at this year's entries between 9am-12.45pm in the Barn and place a bid for one. Why not bid for one ready for a society meeting, or between your SGTR or lab group?

You just need to write your name, contact details and the amount you wish to bid (donation for Vets in the Community) in return for the cake you have set your eyes on!

At 12:45pm we close the auction and if you’re the highest bidder you can pick up and pay for your cake anytime between 2-5pm that day.

Any cakes which have not been bid for will be cut up for everyone to eat, in return for a suggested donation of £1, after our prize giving ceremony!

Take a look at the 2016 entries!

posted 10 Mar 2016, 03:22 by Josh Hudson   [ updated 11 Mar 2017, 05:41 by SB Cake Off Competition ]

Another year of amazing science cakes! Thank you to everyone who has entered!

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