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Focus on ... Special Dietary Cakes!

posted 11 Mar 2017, 06:03 by SB Cake Off Competition   [ updated 11 Mar 2017, 06:03 ]
This year there is your chance to show off your baking skills for some of us who have dietary restrictions. Regardless of the category, you can compete for the 'Best Free-From Cake' !

We often get some amazing contributions, so if you have a friend who struggles to find good cakes for their diet, perhaps this is the day for you to buy a great cake for them in the Silent Auction from 9.00am-12:45pm!

Key ingredients will be displayed with each cake, so you can look out for your special one.

And this year we again extend our cake recipients beyond the human species, so cakes for anyone else (cows, dogs, guinea pigs or budgies) are very welcome too. They will be judged in the ‘Vets in the Community’ category and will also be included in all the other special category prizes. 

If you’re baking for animals, the cakes may be sold in the Silent Auction. If they are no bud for, don’t worry; they will find their way to the animals who will be visiting the next ‘Vets in the Community’ clinic in Nottingham. I am sure they’ll appreciate some comforting cake when taking care of by our aspiring vets!